Scott McLeish

If the building and buying process are new to you (and maybe even if they aren't) the big question is, "Who do I trust to help me with the big decisions...and why?"  

...taken at THE KITCHEN TABLE, a small hometown resturant in Huntertown, IN

...taken at THE KITCHEN TABLE, a small hometown resturant in Huntertown, IN

Premier Builders?  Why us?

Hmmm...that's a great question.  And the best answer I can think of is that we are real people, just like you.  We are excited that the home business allows us to see people creating their dreams and then taking the steps to make them come together.  We watched our own modular home be set and finished.  Every client's move-in day brings back great memories for us.  There's a measure of satisfaction in helping others design a manufactured or modular home that will truly become their favorite place to be! 

It doesn't take a lot to make us happy.  "Want to be happy?" we ask our kids..."Be a better person than you were yesterday, strive to be honest and authentic, and work to have good relationships with others.  Life is about people."

Family experience...  is work experience!

Scott is a veteran of the home building industry for over 20 years now. Beginning in construction while in high school, he worked in different aspects of  remodeling and home building until 1997. He then opened  his own construction company, focused on site building, remodeling and then modular housing.  Married and the father of four grown daughters, he has honed his listening skills and is an excellent problem solver.  


Entire family at our oldest daughter, Christyn's, wedding.

Our own modular home being set. April 15, 2013, what an exciting day!

He takes his skills to work

With so many decisions to be made, designing a home can seem to be a daunting task. Scott brings these same valuable family skills into the building process atmosphere. So whether you’re purchasing a Single Wide, Double Wide or Modular home, Scott will guide you to a finished product that will meet your expectations.  Personable and dependable, he can walk you through everything from site preparation to finishing touches.  Scott is excited to bring Premier Builders' vision of affordable housing to the Midwest and beyond.